Krion By Design in one of the United Kingdoms leading solid surface worktops supplies. Our highly experienced team works closely with customers to provide the finest bespoke surfaces to suit your requirements and lifestyle. We offer a nationwide template and fitting surface.

We deal with every aspect of the production at our factory in the United Kingdom and offer a ten-year guarantee backed by the Porcelanosa Group once installed.


KRION™ is a new generation solid surface developed by SYSTEMPOOL, a company that belongs to PORCELANOSA Group.

It is a material that is warm to the touch and similar to natural stone. It is made of two-thirds natural minerals (ATH – aluminium trihydride) and a low percentage of high-resistance resins. This composition gives KRION™ a number of exclusive features: it does not have any pores, it is antibacterial without any type of additive, it is hard-wearing, highly resistant and easy to repair, only requires minimum maintenance and is easy to clean.


It is a highly pleasant material, similar to natural stone. The composition of KRION™ consists of two-thirds natural minerals combined with a low percentage of high resistance resins which provide its unique characteristics: an absence of pores, anti-bacterial, hard wearing, resistant, durable, easy to repair, low maintenance and easy to clean.

Technically KRION™ achieves a Whiteness of 99,8%, if we combine this with its high Light Reflective Value, we find a pure and luminous material, something unique in Solid Surface materials



Highly Resistant to Fire


Resistant to Extreme Environments

A High Mineral Content

Easy to Clean

A Light Weight Material

Seamless Joints

Low Thermal Conductivity

Bending Strength

Non Porous

Resistant to Impacts

Resistant to Sunlight

Sound Insulation

Food Grade

Comprehensive Strength

Anti Static




KRION™ comes in a multitude of colours from Ice White through to Electric Blue, the more you explore the colours the more you will realise the range of over 50 colours are not only expressive but beautiful.