With Krion you are only limited by your imagination, with limitless possibilities you can use Krion for product design, wall cladding, furniture and anything else you can imagine.


A home’s interior reflects the soul and lifestyle of each of its owners.  With Krion, not only can comfort and functionality be brought to homes but also a unique personal touch.

Given the endless possibilities the product offers Krion can be used in all rooms of the house: in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms and as furniture.


Even when affected by serious stains the material can be returned to its original appearance by simply following the recommended cleaning instructions.

Krion is specially suited for public spaces used by large numbers of people.  It meets the maximum hygiene requirements for installation in public bathrooms and other public areas.  A material that is non-porous and easy to clean and repair in situ, it is ideal for continuous use in public areas and is highly resistant to acts of vandalism.


The comfort and warmth of Krion make it an ideal material for use in interior design projects for the catering trade sector. It is particularly suitable for use in restaurants as it is easy to clean and only requires minimum maintenance.  Its durability, the possibility of shaping it to obtain any type of design and its anti-bacterial qualities means it can be used for practically any type of application.


Krion offers infinite possibilities for commercial decoration, with an extensive palette of colours and the ability to connect sheets and curve them, to obtain genuine combinations of colours and ergonomic shapes.


Krion is an ideal material to use in Healthcare Centers.  Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties and additive free composition, it is recommended for use in consulting rooms or wards, curing stations or even operating theatres, where optimum hygiene conditions are essential.  The possibility of welding the sheets together and curving them make it possible to create continuous and seamless surfaces, without joints or corners where microorganisms can accumulate.


Its extensive design possibilities make it possible to create spaces from hotel lobbies through to room elements including furnishings, decoration or even bathroom fittings.

It can be used for spa areas thanks its non-porous surface and anti-bacterial properties



Krion is also the perfect choice for the transport sector, due to its durability, imperviousness, resistance to the elements and to corrosion, and its easy adaptability to design projects.